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Last reviewed: January 01, 2019

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Hair Loss Product Review -HairNu Natural Hair Growth Solution

Shapiro MD Hair Loss System

forhims The Complete Hair Kit is a hair regrowth system that has been shown to be effective. While you may have some side effects from the medication, it offers a lot of bang for your buck.

Product and Treatment Explanation

hims offers a suite of hair loss products for men. forhims The Complete Hair Kit is a monthly package that contains finasteride pills, a bottle of minoxidil, some shampoo, and some vitamin gummies. While that sounds like quite a cocktail of medication, it isn't really dangerous except for in rare cases. The finasteride is a DHT suppressant (we'll go over what that is later) that stops your hair from falling out, and minoxidil is a chemical that is proposed to stimulate hair regrowth. The vitamins contain biotin which is proven to increase the strength of your hair and nails as well as the health of your skin. The shampoo also contains biotin along with the DHT suppressant ketoconazole which inhibits the DHT pathway on your scalp.

Be warned. If you stop taking the medication as prescribed, you might lose any progress you have made. We mean that literally. Your hair might fall right back out! In fact, these products must be used indefinitely if you want to keep your hair. However, this is the case with virtually all hair loss products for men.

Luckily, the regimen is pretty simple. You have to take one vitamin and one finasteride pill daily. The shampoo is applied just like any other, and you're supposed to use it once or twice per day. Your hair might feel a little bit thicker and fuller after you get out of the shower. This wears off throughout the day, though. After your hair is dry, you need to apply one milliliter of minoxidil to the problem areas on your scalp and rub it in. So if your hairline is receding, you should apply it there; if your crown is thinning, you should apply it there. One milliliter is more than it sounds like and it's very easy to use. A small pipette is supplied that allows you to apply it wherever you need to. You should use it twice per day.

This process is somewhat flexible. Besides forhims The Complete Hair Kit, you can order packages that only contain a few of these components. If you order one that contains the finasteride, you will have to pay five dollars for a doctor's consultation before they will send it to you. Some people may not want to go through that, so they can order a package that only contains the shampoo, vitamins, and minoxidil. This will still be effective to an extent. However, finasteride is one of the most important medications in forhims The Complete Hair Kit, so your mileage may vary.

Pricing and Value of Product

forhims The Complete Hair Kit costs $44 per month, and it will probably take many months of consistent use to see results. hims offers the first month for five dollars, which is a little misleading because there are buttons all over their website that say something to the effect of "order now for five dollars." If you don't cancel your subscription, you will start being billed for the full price.

Pros and Cons
  • It works really well. A lot of customers have seen success with this product and this might be all that matters to some readers. If you haven't had any success with other hair growth regimens, forhims The Complete Hair Kit is certainly worth a shot.
  • It's reasonably priced. Even though it's a lot of money to sink into something that isn't 100 percent guaranteed to work, it's less expensive than many of the other reputable options out there.
  • It's convenient. You don't have to go to the pharmacy when you run out of the product. It's delivered to you every month without any effort on your part.
  • It might have side effects. Finasteride can cause erectile dysfunction and loss of libido in men. It can also cause weight gain and some more serious side effects. This is why a doctor's consultation is required if you get forhims The Complete Hair Kit. It's also important to note that women should not take these products.
  • There have been some complaints about hims's customer service. It might be difficult to cancel your subscription and they might miss an order.
Science Behind the Product

Let's start with the scariest-sounding thing here: finasteride. It was developed to alleviate symptoms of an enlarged prostate by suppressing the hormone that causes it to enlarge, DHT. This also happens to be the hormone that causes hair loss in men. So, while it won't necessarily make your hair grow back, it should stop any more from falling out. It's generally safe to use, but because it can have serious side effects, hims requires that you get a medical consultation before they will send it to you.

While finasteride won't make your hair grow back, minoxidil might be able to. Doctors are still unsure how it works, but it has been shown to be moderately successful in clinical trials. It has been proposed that it increases blood flow to the scalp, resulting in increased hair production. It's only unsafe to use if you are allergic to it.

Ketoconazole, the DHT-blocking ingredient in the shampoo, has been clinically proven to have an effect on DHT levels in the scalp. While DHT is mostly concentrated in the prostate, it is present to some extent in the skin. The shampoo in forhims The Complete Hair Kit stops DHT from binding to receptors in the hair follicles. So while finasteride is lowering the overall DHT levels in the body, ketoconazole is stopping the remaining DHT from binding to hair follicle receptors and causing hair loss.

Biotin (also known as vitamin B7), which is present in the shampoo and the gummy vitamins, has been known for a long time to increase the strength of your hair. It increases the health of the keratin infrastructure in your body, which is a protein present in your hair, nails, and skin.