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Last reviewed: January 01, 2019

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Hair Loss Thinning Supplement: Review

Shapiro MD Hair Loss System

Navigating life as a single adult male is no easy task when the pressures of balancing work, family and social obligations seem to relentlessly keep piling on. Long hours at the office lead to less time spent with family, and less opportunities to meet potential spouses. I'll admit, personal upkeep the past few years hasn't been as high on the priority list as it should be for me. It wasn't until a recent bad haircut experience that I began to seriously consider some sort of hair loss thinning supplement. You can imagine my displeasure when I was forced to undertake yet another daunting task such as weeding through all of the claims of various hair loss thinning supplements to find a product that would actually work for me. I am happy to report that Nutrafol is a hair loss thinning supplement that actually performs as advertised and does not disappoint, unlike so many other parts of my life.

Product and Treatment Explanation

Nutrafol for Men is specifically formulated by physicians to target multiple root causes that detract from hair health. Unlike other hair loss thinning supplements, it is 100% drug free, which is a huge selling point to me. Likewise, the ingredients are clinically proven to show improved hair growth. Nutrafol is offered in two gender specific formulations, which suggests some actual research has gone into the formulation unlike other hair loss thinning supplements on the market. As in any problem solving scenario, the first step is to identify the problem and factors that are directly creating the issue. In this case, research has shown that stress, genetics, diet, and environmental toxins all compromise hair health.

Many other hair loss thinning supplements on the market use drugs with a multitude of side effects to combat only a portion of these factors. With Nutrafol, only highly concentrated ingredients that have been studied to show promise in hair growth are used. While not clinically proven, studies show that the ingredients found in the product show great promise in promoting hair growth. As a result, there is no adverse effects to wellness. Perhaps the best way to think of this product is as a multi-vitamin for stressed out men. Luckily, taking the hair loss thinning supplement involves just take four pills once a day (remember what I said about vitamins?).

In my case after taking the pills for a week or so I began to notice some exciting results. First off, my hair had a noticeable sheen and depth to it that I previously lacked. Likewise, hair seemed to be growing a bit quicker and thicker. Yes, these results alone would have been fantastic, but in my case the nutrients that are contained within the pills seemed to have other positive effects on my overall mood which was an added bonus.

Pricing and Value of Product

With regard to price, Nutrafol is definitely one of the higher priced hair loss thinning supplements currently available over the counter. At first there was some hesitation on my part in committing the time and money to try a more expensive supplement such as this one. Now that I have actually used the product, I believe it is money well spent and the results are certainly noticeable, with my barber even asking which hair loss thinning supplement I had been using. Considering the overall benefits and ease of use, value is certainly there despite the high price point.

Pros and Cons


  • It works! Hair is coming back fuller (even getting compliments on my thick hair)
  • Only requires taking four pills each day
  • Additional wellness benefits (less stress, seem to be in a better mood more often)
  • No side effects
  • Drug free


  • A bit expensive
  • There doesn't appear to be similar simple solutions to other problems in my life
Science Behind the Product

The science behind this product is really rather simple once you identify the factors that contribute to hair loss and thinning in the first place. It makes a lot of sense to use botanicals to fight causative factors such as inflammation, DHT, stress mediators, oxidative damage, and intermediary signaling cascades. Essentially, multiple botanicals are specifically chosen in the formulation to combat each of these factors. Digging in further I was able to find a published article in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology which identified a selection of standardized ingredients in Nutrafol. These all natural ingredients include Curcumin, Ashwagandha, Saw Palmetto, Tocotrienols/Tocopherols, Piperine, and Marine Collagen. Rather then bore you any further, I'll just tell you that there is no credible downsides to any of these ingredients and plenty of upsides. As a result, you will find hundreds of doctors and other medical professionals that all endorse this product. Given both my experience with the product as well as the extensive research I've dug into I can also provide an unequivocally positive endorsement of Nutrafol for men. Even if you don't get the full head of hair back that you've been dreaming about, I can guarantee that you will at least regain some sanity.